Top Addicting Flash Unblocked Games That You Must Play

happy wheels

Playing games is the most favorable passing time for many of us, and now we mostly play games on our smartphones and tablets. However, there are some awesome games that you may not find for your smartphone, and these games are available only in Flash/Web version. So today I will talk about some of the most addicting games that you will love to play.

Happy Wheels

The name “Happy Wheels” is kind of awkward for the game I am talking about because it eventually kills the characters and their body parts come off. So it includes violent graphic but the game is quite fun to play. The game can be found on many websites, but the full version can be played on Total Jerkface only.

Run 3

Run game has many versions and Run 3 is the latest one. This game takes you to the wonderland and your objective in the game is to Run, Run, and Just Run. You can choose to run normally or slide option. You get a limited number of lives and then the game will end. You can also play in the infinitive mode in which you never dies. If you want to play Run3 with your friend, you can choose the multiplayer option.

G-Switch 3

Think of a situation where a group of people wants to play together and compete. G-Switch 3 allows playing 8 people together. You can also play against the computer if you are alone. The game seems like techy, but it’s all about running and switching the path. You must switch path in time, else the game character will fall off the platform and die.

Gun Mayhem 2

Gun Mayhem 2 is for those who love shooting games. You need to fast enough to kill your opponent, else it will kill you. You get a small platform where all the shootings are done. If you fall off that platform, you die. Upgrade the weapon, pick crates, use bombs, and keep shooting. This game is good enough for 1 and 2 players. However, an addition keyboard will require.

Exit Path 2

Can you reach the Exit Path? Yeah! This is your objective in Exit Path 2 game. You will be moving, running, and jumping on dangerous paths. One mistake, and you die. So Keep moving, don’t get stuck, and avoid obstacles. The game is not very new, but it will keep you entertained, especially when you are playing the game for the first time. There are some tricks to play the game as well, you can’t just move and jump. Don’t forget to read instruction that is included in the game.

Trollface Quest

Trollface Quest is a puzzle game and it is available in many series. All the series of this game are awesome. The game can be played without any keyboard. You just need to click on objects to make the character do its job. If you click on the wrong object, you will have to play again. The funniest thing about the game is the funny look and laugh of the game characters.


Superfighter is a must to play game in which you will enjoy the action and adventure. This game is for only those who think that he/she is fast enough to kick opponents.

Scary Maze

Scary Maze is a short game that will end in a few minutes, but it can scare anyone. It is considered among top most fun games. In the game, you are asked to move an object to the exit using mouse pointer. So you will keep doing the same in each level. In the end, you will see a very thin line where it could be hard to move. So you will go closer to the screen to see properly and suddenly the Ghost appears with scary sound. You must turn on the sound to play this game. However, don’t try on those who are not strong enough. You can give them a heart attack.

If you face any difficulty finding these games, you can visit Unblocked Games to play all of them. There are many other games that you should try. For example, Stick War, Arm With Wings, Moto X3M, Wheely, Strike Force Kitty etc…