How to Spy On Android Phone through software

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It would not be wrong to state that the Android phones fascinate people from every age group on account of the simple and user-friendly functionality. They allow texting, chatting, audio and video conversations, and media sharing in the shape of photos and videos to real and online friends. However, the excessive and negative use of the Android devices has made it crucial to track the mobile phone activities of the users. In the contemporary world, we are living at the moment, the young teens and kids are brutally attacked by the cyber bullies, stalkers, and pedophilias. The social media apps such as Tinder, Tumblr, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram and much other alike are spreading carnal content, dating trends and nudity in the young generation.

It is the need of the hour that parents realize the menaces of the communication technologies and the internet, and monitor their teens’ mobile devices. Following are a few strategies that enable a user to do surveillance on teen’s phones.

What to do before spying an Android device?

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Tracking an Android cell phone device is not a piece of cake; therefore, first of all, we need to choose the best cell phone spy software. What attributes make the best tracking app? The state of the art features comprising with the quality and the quantity along with the accuracy and efficiency. The smartphone spy app should be effective simultaneously for parents, employers and for spouses. There is the only one spyware of its kind which is known as the TheOneSpy phone app. The core features of the Android spy software to monitor the Android device are as follows.

How to spy on Android phones through spy software

The contemporary features of the monitoring app are best tools in order to spy any kind of device running the Android operating system. Use the following tools to monitor the happenings on the target device.

Spy through remotely phone controller

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The user can remotely control and monitor the target android device. It can view all apps installed on the target cell phone device and control those apps e.g., start, pause, block and uninstall. To ensure the security of your teens while driving, you can block internet access and texting. Moreover, you can lock or unlock the target device; block websites and incoming calls from unknown numbers.

Track GPS location

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This app helps you know the exact location of your significant ones and mobile workforce. As well as the current location you can have the record of the places your kids or workers have traveled to in a week or longer.

IM’s Social Media

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This is one of the powerful features of this mobile application because it allows you to keep an eye on the cyber life of your loved ones to secure them from bullies and online predators. You can know what and with whom your kids are communicating via popular social media and Instant messaging apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Yahoo, Skype, Tinder, Kik and more.

Browsing History

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Your employees might be crushing the working hours watching YouTube videos or gathering the photos of their favorite celebs on the internet. Whatever they are searching on the web can be traced with the Android Spy app. You can have the internet browsing history of your workforce as well as the time and frequency of each URL visitation.

View Multimedia Files

Have you seen the photos or videos your kiddo would download from the internet or would receive from his friends? There might be some inappropriate or adult content saved on your kid’s device. Fortunately, the spy app lets you discover the whole stuff saved on, deleted or hidden from the target device so you can better know what your offspring is interested in and can take measures accordingly.

Hope you would have found this post helpful in knowing the way to monitor an Android phone to supervise your kids, spouse, and employees.