How Smartphones have make our life easier

Smartphone usage

Smartphones have made our life easier; it depends on how you use it. Smartphones, unlike past times, have become available to the masses of all social groups. The entire world has been summed into one smartphone, your alarm clock, your calculator, your reminders, timer, calendars, torch lights and various other utilities. The phone has evolved so much over the years and continues to grow. It has become a small personal computer that we carry with us at all time.

We can make a considerably large list of things that have become accessible and easily doable with a few clicks of fingers. Since we are discussing how smartphones have made our lives easier then let’s start with:

Connecting World Wide

Thanks to the internet and various applications pre-installed and available on app stores we can connect with anyone across the nation and chat in real-time. Although we cannot replace a real connection with online, having conversations with a real human being somewhere in another country with such ease and comfort is truly on top of our list of ‘how smartphones have made our life easier’. And not just connect via voice chat, smartphones allow us to have video chats as well; with apps like ‘Skype’, we can now communicate across the world with video, audio, and pictures.

Carrying out Business with Ease

Next up on our list is the business. Whether it is an online business set-up or any business related communication, tasks such as writing a quick email and replying one on the go. Making presentations on power points for a meeting while stuck in traffic, or attending a conference over call; a smartphone makes it convenient for you to carry out your business related tasks and duties through a smartphone, using various business/work related apps. Smartphones being a mini pocket computer allows us to handle our folders, have Microsoft office or similar applications within our phones making our life and business that much easier. Now a day you are waiting to catch your flight at the airport whilst carrying out your work tasks on your cellphone.

Shopping Online

Brick and mortar business are shifting online, with web and mobile applications we can now shop online and get our purchases delivered right at our doorsteps. and are few examples of successful online shopping portals with cash on delivery and free shipping services offered. And yes, the best thing internet did is making ordering food through smartphones easier. We can order food through various apps of either the restaurant’s or fast food chains or simply using one app like foodpanda or eatoye bringing every restaurant & eatery place on one platform. Possibly the best thing smartphones have changed for us and made life easier with just few clicks.

Cab Service

Another champion on our list is cab service, just take out your Smartphone- open the app – order yourself a cab service- feed in the address and just wait for it to arrive at your destination and drop you off on your desired location. No need to stick your thumb out for cabs and rickshwas and have a hassle of negotiating with them while they try to rip you off.


Earlier, we used to buy gaming devices to play games at home, buy DVDs to watch movies. However, smartphones set you free from these hassles. You can watch movies online on your mobile phone, play thousands on fun games and keep yourself entertained.

Information on Fingertips

You can search for anything on your phone anywhere and anytime. You can find the new books, or books you didn’t know existed, TV shows and their upcoming news, newest trends on fashion and stores, latest research papers to pretty much anything and everything – All on your smartphone.

Life has been easier ever since smartphones start revolutionizing themselves resulting in bringing convenience to our lives. With the apps made available to us and various other services including cheaper calling and texting rates- to shopping for groceries online and getting them delivered at our house without having to drive all the way to supermarkets – We can definitely see a drastic change in our lives, where we do insignificant to important tasks including entertainment with just a few clicks of our fingers, and on that note lets not forget the voice activation on our phones where even typing is excluded, just command your smartphone through voice and voila! Your task is done.