Native Advertising: How is it dominating Online Market Strategies

Native ads

Business owners are dominating the internet and this has led to a really though power tussle in the online marketing world. Manufacturing goods, making brand names, selling products, getting noticed by people etc. are tough tasks to achieve and these things make business owners go through a lot of stress. This gets really difficult if the brand or company is new in the game. Despite all these, some of these internet marketers find things quit easy on their ends and they always smile to the bank at the end of a given period of time. Why is this so? They simply know to do the right thing at the right time. By doing the right thing at the right time, these people put their time and money to creating good advertising strategies that meet the need of their audiences. Without doubts, the only way a marketer can get more conversion from his or her website or personal blog is a really strong advertising strategy. This is made possible through the use of native advertising.What is a Native advertising?

What is a Native advertising?

Well, without breaking much sweat, native ads are specially designed web-based adverts that are supposed to meet up with the interests and browsing preferences of every internet user that visits the webpage this form of advert is placed. These types of ads can be related to real life situations – it simply is a way that a potential customer gets served with what they want, or might have the interest in. Native ads are taking over and pretty soon it will be the future of both PC and mobile advertising, thereby generating more engagements and income for both marketers and publishers.

Mind-Blowing Stats About Native Advertising

Native ads are no doubts dominating the internet advertising. If any advertiser wants to succeed online, making use of native ads are great and surefire ways these success can be quickly acquired. Below are some dominating facts about native ads which taking on future of Internet marketing: Indicators currently show that by 2021, the share of native advertising in the total amount of revenue from display advertising will be 74 % (by BI Intelligence forecasts) in the US;

– CTR (Click Through Rates) of different native formats varies slightly depending on the location of the banners and averages 0.26 %. For comparison, traditional banner CTR averages only 0.17 %;

– 300% lift in retention rates and 200% in eCPMs;

– Consumers engage with native ads 20-60% more often than standard banner ads;

– Average CR level in native ads is 45% higher than within the traditional;

– More than 50% of apps on the Audience Network are using native ads exclusively;

– Consumers are 25 per cent more likely to look at native than traditional;

– Consumers register 18 per cent higher lift in purchase intent.

With all these facts, it’s glaring that native ads will generate more internet marketing success than the traditional ads we’re familiar with. To make native ads easier for publishers and advertisers to get most out of native ads, content recommendations/discovery has proven to be the best way this can be achieved.

Trends of Content Recommendations

Content recommendations come in different trends and these trends are geared towards maximizing the effectiveness of native advertising.

1. Most Popular Contents: This is one of the most popularly used trends by many publishers to maximize the effectiveness of native ads for both advertisers and consumers. This involves making use of widgets to serve relevant ads to audiences.

2. Adding Context: This trend includes making suggestions that are relevant to articles audiences are reading on blogs and web pages. Other trends could involve studying the behavior of audiences, understanding what they often click on and suggesting related to what users are clicking.

For more clear and thorough understanding of this latest trend, I spoke with Vladimir Bashkin. This native advertising expert is a Business Development Director at AdNow; which is one of the very fast growing native advertising networks in the world that help advertisers to grow their business through content discovery, product recommendation, and channel advertising.

Mr. Vladimir says native advertising is currently taking on traditional marketing strategies because it gives better user experiences. Also, one can’t ignore Ad blindness where consumers addicted to watching unproductive ads. In AdNow case, we use the neutral network for optimizing advertiser’s campaigns to show right ads on right place as our mission are always set on worldwide coverage.

He continued most ad networks work on second-price auction but we are working on first price auction to give better profits to our Partners. Due to our mission-oriented approach just within 2 years we are happy to receive 4.2 Billion Impression every month while working with 1700 advertisers and 150,000 Publishers from 107 Countries (as of November 2016).

Vladimir told His team currently working on improving ad tech algorithms and technologies to generate high revenues for both publishers and advertisers.