Facebook Live: A Marketing Platform For Online Marketers

Have you been a long time on Facebook promoting business and products?

You must be sick of running a conventional marketing campaign, which includes business page, ads, posting a video, images and making the fan base.

Now, you are hunting down anything new coming in your way, with an aim to promote your business to the core.

So, Facebook Live is your cup of tea. It is a new feature; Facebook is recently updated with, to provide users with the best and amazing user interaction experience.

The feature is majorly being used by the celebrities like an actor to promote their movie and show, politician to run a rally for an upcoming election and so on. However, online marketing folks can also have their way to promote their brand and services.

Before we know how to make it; let’s gain more knowledge about Facebook Live.

FaceBook LIve

What is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is the lately launched feature of Facebook. With the help of this feature, you can go live by streaming a video on Facebook via Facebook app on your Smartphone. You can connect with your audience anytime you want and can make them watch the video later if they miss it.

How to Go Live via Facebook Live

In order to get started with Facebook Live, you will have to follow below-given steps:

  • Sign in to your Facebook Account
  • Go to the update status box
  • Click on Live Video icon
  • Start your live interaction with people.

You also get an option to write about the event you are going to broadcast via Facebook Live.

More about Facebook Live

  • You can avail live streaming on Facebook account or Facebook business page
  • You get an option to choose who can watch among friends, groups and the public.
  • While streaming a live video, you can see the comments of your audience and can reply on the same.
  • The audience can also give reactions to your live video which makes it look amazing.
  • The video will automatically get saved on your timeline, once you are done with it thus making it available for your audience to watch anytime they want.
  • Moreover, you can share the video on another platform and can embed it on your website and blog.
  • Live filters are yet to be integrated with Facebook Live. Facebook is now working on it.

Why Opt Facebook Live for Marketing?

Having said that, user engagement is the main component of marketing on social media, so you have to achieve this anyway. You have a great fan base, that’s good! Keep it up. But if you cannot entertain them by providing content they want; your hard work making a large fan base will be a waste.

Hence, user engagement is very important and Facebook Live is the best ever feature of Facebook which comes as a rescue for the businesses having a low user engagement on their business page and account.

With the fact that a video is worth a million words; a live video can worth even more. You can show your audience how a product is being developed. You can also explain to them how it works thus making a high fidelity for your business.

We hope, you get a clear idea on how to use Facebook Live. But in case, you get any kind of issues while accessing the Facebook Live feature, you can contact a certified professional through Facebook support number round the clock.