Download vrBackupper to Protect Your Oculus Data

Nowadays, virtual reality technology becomes more and more popular than before. There are many VR devices in the market such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Of course, there are many VR apps and games. Even browsers start to support VR. Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge added WebVR support earlier, Dubbed Firefox 55 later. Now, let’s focus on Oculus Rift. Since it has been acquired by Facebook, it developed more interesting apps and attracted more users. However, Facebook has not release a backup app yet. Don’t worry, software company AOMEI Technology has a tool to make up for the deficiency. It is named vrBackupper.

AOMEI has another famous backup freeware called AOMEI Backupper, which is designed for Windows system backup, disk backup and partition backup, etc. You see, their names are similar. vrBackupper is designed for Oculus Rift data backup. Like AOMEI Backupper, vrBackupper has not only backup primary features, but also other features. Let’s have a look at it.

Download vrBackupper from AOMEI official site and run it. From its interface, you see, besides Backup Restore Oculus, there is Migrate Oculus Installation option. vrBackupper will detect your source location automatically, then you choose a new location. vrBackupper will commit the task: move Oculus installation directory to new location. vrBackupper ensures Oculus can work normally after transferring. You may wonder why vrBackupper has this feature? As they stated on the page: To solve lack of disk space problem of installing games. As we know, Oculus VR games could only be saved in the installation directory of Oculus and Oculus old versions could only be installed on system partition. Thus, new downloaded games may encounter a problem that there will be not enough space for installation. Thus, move Oculus installation directory and all its data to another non-C: drive with vrBackupper is a wise choice. By the way, new location can be external drive, but you have to insert the external drive into computer first and keep its drive letter unchanged every time you use Oculus.

VR 1

Switch to Backup Restore Oculus window, under Backup window, there are two choices: backup the whole installation directory or only backup games and apps in the directory. vrBackupper has the target selection ability, it is very strong. For example, if you have installed Oculus Rift on another computer, you can only restore data on it. Yes, vrBackupper supports universal restore.

VR 2

Sometimes, re-download and re-install Oculus data spend lots of time, thanks to the vrBackupper’s restore feature. It can do in a quick process. Backup can keep your VR game configurations safety. At last, we want to say, vrBackupper is a freeware. Don’t wait, try vrBackupper and have fun for your VR experience.