Some Cool Features of Windows 10 Operating System

Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest version of the Microsoft Operating System. The latest version of the Windows (Windows 10) was recently launched with many new improvements and fixes. The operating system being the most used OS in the worlds was much awaited.

The top feature is, of course, Cortana, a personal assistant in the windows 10 just like Siri in the Mac operating systems. other new features include the much popular Virtual desktop and Edge browser integration. The Windows is much featured in the world media for its great features. Here are some other features which are much noteworthy but less highlighted.

New Snipping Tool Features in Windows 10

Timed Screen Shots in the windows 10 snipping tools is the new and good addition. With this feature, you can easily capture delayed screen shots of the screen from 1 to 5 seconds period. The snipping tool was already a hit with this new integration it has become more useful.

OneDrive Features in Windows 10

The feature integration of the one drive for easy file storage is another great feature that you can be appreciated. The OneDrive is now much integrated with new Windows 10 which helps Windows 10 users in synchronization of documents and other files immediately.

Games Screen Recording Features in Windows 10

in the less talked about features of new Windows, 10 is also the screen recording feature while at play. though it is already present as a built-in feature in the games this new Windows integration with quick keyboard shortcuts is applauded able as well.

Boot Speed Recording Features in Windows 10

The boot speed has been much improved in the new Windows 10. The PCs now can boot in 50% less time period. The trick that is used for reducing the boot speed is working well and is a great improvement in the new Windows 10.

Multiple File Copying Features in Windows 10

The much-improved feature is the file copying in new windows 10. The new improvement is that users can see the multiple file copying processes in the same dialogue box and can also pause any copying process anytime.

Hope you liked the post, please tell us what you like the most in new windows features? in the comments.