Why Choose MultCloud As Your Cloud Storage Manager?

Today, we are living a society that cloud services are very popular. Many people use cloud services and there are many kinds of cloud products, public and private, big and small, etc. Famous cloud drives like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, MEGE and so on. They have millions of users. In fact, most users use more than one brand. Thus, users often do tasks such as transferring files from Google Drive to Dropbox, syncing data between OneDrive and Amazon Cloud Drive. Vendors don’t provide official cloud connector, but third-party software do! Vendors provide API explain they allow third-party program link to their clouds.

If you don’t want to download files from one cloud then upload to another, you can try third-party cloud management tool. The cloud management tool can not only do transfer task but also management operations. MultCloud is an excellent cloud storage manager, next, let’s learn about it.

Review of MultCloud

MultCloud is a web app so that you can use it on any systems and any devices. Either Windows or Mac, Android or IOS, computer or mobile phone. Visit MultCloud through a browser, we suggest you to select Chrome, because MultCloud has an extension for it. Free to create an account of MultCloud or enter it by clicking Experience without signing up. We love this design of MultCloud!

Multcloud 1

After logging in MultCloud, the first step is adding clouds into it. The latest version of MultCloud is 4.4. Now MultCloud supports nearly 30 clouds. You can add unlimited accounts in it. The update in 4.4 is sub-account. The main account of MultCloud can create or manage sub-accounts. If you are a team or group, everyone has MultCloud accounts. This feature helps the leader give authorization to staffs. The team can share and visit data easily. Since 4.4, MultCloud can not only manage multiple cloud storage services, but also multiple MultCloud accounts.

Key functions of MultCloud is managing, transferring and syncing. So there are three buttons at the top link to these three services.

Cloud Explorer: Managing files like in Windows explorer. Options are from context-menu: create, delete, copy, paste, preview, cut, share, upload, etc. You are able to drag&drop files between desktop to MultCloud in here. Upload/download files from website through URL to cloud in MultCloud from here directly. Create, receive and manage share links here too.

Cloud Transfer: Set target and destination clouds, do transfer mission. You can set more details, for instance: overwritten, filter, email notification, and schedule.

Multcloud 3

Cloud Sync: MultCloud gives you eight cloud methods: simple sync, two-way syncmirror sync, move sync, cumulative sync, update sync, incremental backup sync and full backup sync.

Multcloud 4

Other highlights

There are Task Manager, Points System, Error Lists window. In our opinion, MultCloud is a humanized and convenient tool helps us solve troubles of remembering multiple passwords, managing multiple clouds. MultCloud combines them and manages them in one place is the best way. That’s why we choose MultCloud.