What Is SEO and Why It Is So Important?

SEO is the process of Ranking websites in the search results of various search engines Like Google, Optimization.Yahoo and Bing. The best SEO practices include On-page Optimization, Off-page Optimization, andOptimization.SEO is a term that is known to everyone involved in internet marketing of the websites. The Google itself emphasizes on best SEO practices to make its search results user-friendly and accurate. The search engines like Google and Bing with their webmaster tools and resources help webmasters to generate site titles and descriptions so that search engines could crawl and index them for relevant queries.

Business owners value to search engine optimization because they know it is the best way to boost traffic to their sites and improve revenue as well. Many businesses invest a good share of their investment for SEO campaigns.

The BlogTips is here to guide our readers with basic SEO and its branches such as OnPage SEO, OffPage SEO, and Social Media Optimisation. The three main classes or branches of SEO work differently to bring more traffic to the websites by improving presence at not only the top first pages of search results but also at the top social media avenues like Facebook, Twitter, and G+.

OnPage SEO 

On-page SEO is simply the SEO efforts which are visible in search results or can be viewed on the website pages. The Meta titles, Meta descriptions, and URL structure settings come under the OnPage SEO settings and help rank websites well. The Other important OnPage SEO factors include the content on the pages, keyword placement at the right positions in the content with Headings and bolts and Alt Tags.

Of-Page SEO

The terms Off-page SEO refers to the all the efforts which may not be visible on site pages but through inbound links to the website. The Offpage SEO induces the efforts such as backlinks profile creation from top websites of the same niche. The top backlinks creation avenues these days include the social bookmarking, articles submission, blog commenting, forum participation, QA sites participation, guest posting, Press Releases and through creating a link to us badges on the site. All these practices are meant to increase the website’s visibility online at other sites which in turn can result in search ranking improvements.

Tip: Never generate too many links, the bulk links from low-quality sites can result in Google Penguin penalties and your site rankings will go down.

Social Media Optimization 

The Social Media which was new to many just a few years ago now holds great importance for websites and rankings in the major search engines. The social media presence of the sites not brings in more traffic to the sites but also helps boost search rankings. It is necessary for every website to have social media profiles with recurring activity and engagement.

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