How to Sell Ad Spaces of You Blog to Potential Companies

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Although Google AdSense is still the favorite monetizing methods for bloggers, the scope of other methods is yet of great importance. Not every application is accepted by Adsense team. They receive millions of applications every day but they will deeply look into many things for the evaluation of every application. If you are planning to apply for AdSense, please read my special post on advice about Adsense application.

Anyhow if your application is already disapproved or rejected, you may “Monetize your Blog with Adsense alternatives”. Many of my friends still have thirst for knowing more about making money with the blog.

When I published my last post “Other ways of earning money with your blog” the majority of the visitors contacted me for knowing more about the topic and made me write this post.  This post explains how you can sell your ad spaces in relatively higher rates. You will come to know how you can attract most popular advertisers for advertising on your blog. This post shows you how you can sell ad spaces on your website by yourself without an ad network.

For the better sale of your ad spaces you have to:

1. Increase the number of daily visitors and Keep it stable

This is the first thing for the process. I hope many of you have already a good number of daily traffic to your website. But I simply cannot help suggesting this as part of success. As you all already know how to increase your daily visitors in a short time, I will keep this portion brief with the following points. You can enhance your daily traffic by:

  • 1.       Keeping focused on your niche topic
  • 2.       Writing quality content that is really helpful for your readers
  • 3.       Posting new posts and updating the old ones on regular basis
  • 4.       Sharing your posts on social networks on regular basis
  • 5.       Increasing social media followers and subscribers to your blog by giving them attractive offers on subscription

2. Announce your Potential

You probably have good traffic to your blog. Now you can plan to sell ad spaces on your blog. Now you will write a good post about your success in attaining a reasonable number of visitors. This is a way to tell the advertisers that you have the potential. Better make mention of your number of qualified visitors in your posts. The first thing that advertiser will see is the perspective of your blog. Go and create a page on “Our Journey of Success” or something like “Our Success” or “Our Achievements” etc explaining how your blog is the best option for advertisers. You can include testaments from previous advertisers. OR you can name the page as “Advertisers Sections” Advertisement Policies and rules” etc. Insert a link “Advertise with us” or “for advertisers” etc and link it to this detailed page.

Now when you have created the page, create another one (Advertisements) for the information of your preferred ads, rules, advertiser criteria etc. Explain the size, dimensions, type (text, banner, image etc), place (location) of ads etc. You can use WordPress plugins or “Passionfruitads” to set up ad spaces on your blog.

Finally, narrate your pricing. How will you charge for the ads of various types and sizes? This is the question advertisers want to know the answer to. Your page should explain all the pricing and offers. You can tell whether you want place PPC ads or CPM ads. Your number of daily visitors do counts while setting prices for the ads. For example:  120 x 120 ad @ USD 4.00 CPM for a site with 150,000 impressions a month= $ 800. This is the common but unpredictable option. This post aims to explain how you will sell ad spaces; not the impression or clicks. So you will probably rent your ad space as:

  • Space dimension= 160×600
  • Time= 30 days
  • Price= $ 700.00

If you are not sure how much you should charge, you can find what other blogs with the same niche and number of visitors are charging for ads. In this way, you can calculate the total amount for a month for various ads placed on your blog.

 3. Search for Advertisers and contact them

Now you are confident of contacting the potential customers for your ad spaces. But how you would search for them?  An easy way is to Google the keywords of your niche topic and you will find many of them.  Carefully explore the each one and see who suits your requirements. Make a list of all you select. Or simply click on the sponsored links that come from the search results when you Google the keywords; they are those who are paying to Google for AdWords and they might be willing to advertise with the blogs like you own.

Another way to search for potential advertisers is to participate in discussions and to follow the social networks that are relevant to your niche. Advertisers do share their information in these discussion forums and social networks. Select your desired advertisers and make a Mailing list.

Alternatively, you can see advertisements on other blogs related to your niche topics. Guess about the advertisers from those ads. Visit their site. BuySellAds and AdsMarkete and GotAdSpaces are best places for selling your ad spaces.

Compose a nice introductory email and send them along with some important links to your blog pages. But before you go on sending the email, just review every company and their products and terms and conditions to evaluate their interests and possibility of an agreement with them.

I hope you will find some best advertisers and earn handsome revenue. But let me tell you although selling ad spaces is even good practice to tackle directly with the clients and earn more revenue, yet joining ad networks even minimize your efforts. Ad Networks have a good reputation and they work with various popular brands and advertisers that are out of the reach of a self-regulating blogger. S

Ad networks like Google Adsense,, Bing Network provide the bloggers with an opportunity to earn revenue by displaying third party ads (the client advertisers of these networks). One has to sign up for free and give the URL of one’s blog. They then review and evaluate the submitted application. Once approved, they will provide a variety of ad types and formats that one can display on one’s website and earn on PPC and CPM according to the set pricing of the ad networks. Your blog daily visitors and quality of content will again matter while setting prices for your ad spaces ad CPM and PPC.

Don’t forget to study “A List of reliable and High Paying Ad Networks” that matters to you if you are looking some good ad partners for your blog.