What Is On Page SEO & Why It is Important?

on page

SEO is a necessary practice which helps websites stay on the top search engine pages.  A big share of the visitors come from search engines. The top websites in the world include SEO in their marketing campaigns. The SEO includes On-page and off-page SEO practices to rank websites at top positions in the search results. On-page SEO is considered 40% of the total SEO efforts.

On page consists of SEO practices which are mostly visible on the pages or in the search results. The On page SEO consists of the following the major factors.

Meta Title

The optimization of Meta titles of the pages is a much important factor in the on page factors. The length of the title needs not to be longer than the 80 characters. For best search results it is important that title tag should have your main keyword. It appears at the top of every page and in the search results as well.

Meta Description

Just like the meta title, meta description needs to be well optimized to have the main keyword of the page. It appears in the search results just after the title and the URL and should not exceed 120 characters in length.

Headings (H1, H2)

The pages headings also called H1, H2, hold great importance for SEO purposes and are much necessary to be optimized for your main page keywords. The chances of SERP rankings grow higher if the keywords are well placed in the page headings.

Content Freshness and Length

The content freshness and length are also considered as On page SEO factors with moderate correlation with the better search results. The fresh content is favored by the search engines in the news section too. While according to a study the average content length on a page which ranks at the top positions is 600 words.

Alt Tags

The Alt tag is also important on-page SEO factor which needs to be optimized in order to rank well in search results. It appears while mouse pointer hovers over any image on the page and can be changed while uploading or inserting pictures in the posts.

URL Structure

The URL structure is another on page SEO factor with significant value. According to the latest study by SEO giant MOZ, the correlation between a URL structure and better rankings has been found. The placement of the keywords in the root section of the URLs helps the website to rank in the search results.

Other OnPage Factors

Besides above-mentioned top on page SEO factors, there are few other factors which also need to be aware of such as, keyword density, keywords in the file name, keyword proximity in the content and Bold/Strong keywords etc.

Importance of On Page SEO

These on page SEO factors are important for a successful SEO campaign.  Every SEO factor helps to improve the overall SEO status of the website. A website cannot rank at higher positions in the search results without On page SEO factors. Therefore for every website, it is important to follow the On-page SEO guidelines.

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