Three Ways to Make your Readers Stay Longer on your Blog


What strategies have you used to keep your visitors engaged for a long time on your blog? I think this question is a little confusing. Yes, there are things that make your readers spend more time on your blog. They increase the engagement of your readers on your blog.

You visit a blog; you find the title of the post attractive and go to it. You see the post and you navigate at once without reading. What is the reason? Think yourself. What makes you leave the blog in no time? I have noticed a few things. I am going to share with you guys.

Almost a post containing 1000 words is of 5 minutes reading time. While longer posts might take more time; they may take up to 15 minutes. So if your average post size is 1000 words and the average time your readers spend on your blog is less than 5 minutes, there is something wrong with your blog. Go and check the following things on your blog

1. Write Valuable Content

The content of your blog is the first thing that will make your readers stay there for more time. If you have written great ideas, given workable solutions to the problems of your readers, you have done a great job.  Do not focus on quantity of the content, rather focus on quality. Although blogs with more content are more likely to rank higher in search engines yet the priority for a blogger is not search engines; it is a human who reads. If you are able to win the trust of a single reader the first time he/she lands at your blog, search engines are of no value; he/she will come directly to your blog next time.

Writing a quality post must be your first preferences if your want to engage your visitors for more time. Never write mediocre content. Write simple interesting and original content; do not copy from other blogs; do not steal others ideas; do not repeat the titles of your posts.

Posts together mark a blog. So why not focus on how to write a great post for your new blog. If you want to learn more about how o write good quality posts that is of great value to your blog please read: Features of a great blog post.

Your blog should have a specific niche if you want your readers to spend some time reading and exploring other sections of your blog. Make the title of your posts attractive. Write interesting headings. Write more details and give in depth information. Your posts should have a specific topic which you are going to explain. The overall content of your blog should be varied within a niche.

Here are few tips for you to make your content more engaging:

  • Be unique

It simply means don’t see the things as other have seen them. Try a different point of view. Look at the problem from a different side, generate your own views instead of explaining others’. This is how your title will be unique, your list will have unique content, and your headings will be unique. Ultimately your approach towards solutions is unique. So give your readers entirely a new thought and feel. If you are writing on an outdated topic, you should have the potential of crafting a new angle to look into it. Present your readers with something that has not been felt earlier. For example, this post could have the title “How to increase the engagement of your blog” OR “How to make your blog more engaging”. But see the title. It is different.

  • Read related posts

Find what others are telling about it. Find what they are missing. Make your posts inclusive. Use holistic approach but in brief. For example you are writing on “Five Latest SEO techniques”, you can explain all SEO techniques one by one. You can include solutions to the problems that readers will face in employing those techniques. You can include special tips to use those techniques more efficiently. You can suggest other techniques than those your have explained in your post.

  • Write reader focused content

Do not stuff your posts with keywords. Keep human readers in mind while writing your posts. Do not use irrelevant headings and keywords just to scam search engines. Write in simple words but explain the technicalities involved. Explain causes, impact and solutions to the problems. Give examples and insert pictures where necessary.

 2. Use a Professional Looking Theme

Yes, the theme of your blog is the first thing a reader will have to interact with. If your blog has a good professional looking theme, good color transparency and combination, navigation scheme, your reader may spend some time to explore your blog.

I have seen many blogs that have good content but they give a bad impression to the reader. These blogs receive good traffic from search engines but have minimum engagement time. The odd themes can spoil your blog. There are thousands of free WordPress and Blogger themes. You can choose a good one. If you are not sure which themes best suits your niche, go and read this post from WP Beginner.

One thing I personally dislike on blogs is small font size. The words are too small to read conveniently. The other thing I hate is narrow post area. Many of bloggers do have the opinion that content is of the great value and very less credit goes to the theme. How much good the content of a post may be, I will not read it if font size is too small OR line spacing is too narrow OR there is a specific font’s style. Some people use italic or stylish fonts. They do not know how they are annoying their visitors.

Many of the expert bloggers even use odd themes. Two days ago, I was searching a topic and I landed on a blog. It was the post title that inspired me to click on the link. I just landed what! The blog had worst type of color combination; black text on grey background; black text on red background; white text on yellow background. I don’t see the idea behind using so many colors and a colored background to post texts. I left the blog at once.

Things to consider for making your theme a nice looking

Use a responsive and mobile friendly theme. You can make your theme more professional if you have taken it from free gallery. There are many paid themes that are fully optimized. Choose a simple layout and transparent theme. Choose a simple theme with one sidebar, a footer section and a header. You can modify the HTML and CSS of your blog template to design it according to your own needs.

  • Adorn your theme

Make your header attractive. Add attractive gadgets to your blog in the sidebar and footer section. Put a label widget in sidebar. Put your follow buttons in side bar. Insert a link widget of your good articles in footer. Insert popular posts widget in side bar. The order of your blog counts too. Be professional. You can follow other bloggers with nice layout and attractive themes.

Insert social media sharing buttons around the posts. Insert related posts widget. I would recommend to build custom sections of your blog. Include social media follower buttons on appropriate place. The more followers on social media, the more engagement on your blog.

  • Define fonts’ style and size

It is better to keep your post text size 20. The more big headings are more attractive and engaging. Keep background white with black text. You can apply good styles to your heading, post titles and widgets of your blog.

  • Make your blog light

Your blog has to be light and fast. The users do not like to wait for the web pages to load. Remove all the unnecessary scripts; reduce the size of pictures; minimize the access of third party apps to your blog. These are the things that take more time to load. A fast blog is better than a slow one.

3. Use Comments more wisely

Comments are the real engagement activity on your blog. A blog with no comment system will have less engagement. Comments are a way to learn about the feedback of your readers. It gives the author an understanding of the scope and standards of the posts. So do have a good comment system for your blog. A simple comment system is far better than no comment system. Here are a few tip how you can engage more people in comments.

  • Invite your readers to comment

Ask your visitors to leave their feedback. You will get the feedback if you really ask for it in an appealing way. Go and write the statements like “Please give us your feedback and help us know what impact we cast on people” OR “your comments are highly appreciated. Will you give us few words in return of hundreds” This type of statements encourages the readers to comment on your posts.

  • Reply to comments

Reply to the comments of your readers. Try to answer all the comments. It encourages the visitors to share their feedback confidently. They openly discuss their problems with you. It increases the level of interaction on your blog. It also increases the number of comments on your posts. More comments means more ranking in search engines.


There are many factors that can influence the engagement of your blog readers. They can influence the degree of interaction between your and your readers. The most common problems are mediocre content, poor themes and lack of comments. You can use various tools to avoid these problems.