The Latest Advice on How to Write Quality Blogpost

Quality Post Writing

There must be many blogs on your niche topic. The SEO competition is growing intense day by day as the number of bloggers is growing speedily. The people who search in the search engine will click on the most top search result- or a result on the first page of search results. This simply means that if you want to get more traffic through search engines, your blog must come up on the first page of search results for the keywords of your niche. One has to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get more traffic through search engines. For this purpose bloggers use various tools and techniques like I have explained as:

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Every post you write for your blog determines the destiny of your blog. It is the posts that together make your blog. So every post is of the same value. Do not consider some of your posts more important than others. Paying tremendous attention to every post and writing it with great care and planning is the thing that makes your post a knock. So you will write your posts keeping in view the quality that is important for SEO and to win the favor of the search engines- that means search engines prefer those posts which follow their beloved rules.

But let me come to the topic and tell you how you can write a post that hits the number and automatically optimized in search engines. The idea of why I first expressed my thoughts about SEO is that SEO is related to the quality of your posts. In other words, the post is to be written keeping SEO in mind.

But this post has not only been written keeping SEO in mind, but I have kept various aspects in mind because a post must be interesting, explanatory, helping and offering solutions to the problems your readers face; that’s why visitors may land and stay at your blog for sometime. They shall come again if they know you have the knowledge and you explain well.

The topic of SEO and quality post is as vast as blogging. One cannot control other factors that hinder the SEO of your best posts. In the long run, a quality post that serves to the purpose of the visitor must be evergreen and the one that encourages the reader to share it on social media and the one that persuades the reader to give comments and feedback.

The following points will show you some real tips for writing a blog post that will have more visitors than the posts you have written without considering these points.

    1. Pre-writing brainstorming

Yes, you cannot write a post in haste just to have more content on your blog. If you start writing a post just after you have a thought of writing a new post because it has been days since you wrote the last, you are wasting your time and space on the web. Writing a blog post is not what is to be done without planning. Think of the nice topic- here nice means the topic which is really a new thing, which is essentially searched in your niche. Once you get nice ideas to write on, go and read about it. Read about it no matter if you already have well knowledge and experience on the topic. Reading gives you more intense information and the experiences of other writers.

A complete post can be written on how you would choose a topic to write on and how you would prepare for writing a post. I will only say choose the topic that explains a phenomenon; that tackle a problem, that provide intense information to the readers; that makes them stay on your blog until they finish reading the entire post.

I am often busy in my daily life when something hits upon my brain. An idea comes and I instantly write is down so that it may not get out of my memory when I plan to write the post. The idea is topic to write on. Similarly, when I am reading other bloggers on the web, I get ideas from them to write on. And often when I am writing a post, the new ideas and topics are generated. I simply evaluate them and write my post on a most suitable topic.

    2. Write a draft or outline

It means what it says. You have to write a draft of your post before writing a final post. But let yourself write the post without a draft. Write it. Have you written? Good. Now, this is your draft. Read it and highlight possible improvements. Write again employing skillful tone and professional style.

    3. Write in comfortable environment

Writing a post is not the job you can do in any environment. For example, I cannot write a good post at school because of too much distraction. I cannot either write at a coffee shop. I cannot write a post when I am traveling. So, writing a quality post requires peaceful environment and concentration of the writer. When you start writing in a comfortable environment and with the optimized mind, ideas keep on coming in your mind. When I started writing this post, I was sure that it would end up with 1000 words only. Now I believe this could go for 1500 or more. That is how peaceful environment and optimized mind help you write better.

Do not always be writing. Give yourself relief and refresh yourself in-between when you are writing a long post- long posts usually contains more than 2000 words.

    4. Think about your style

Writing is as much art as it is science. You have to follow certain natural social rules while writing the content that keeps your readers stay until they finish it. I have to narrate all the components of this heading as:

  • Use interesting examples and try to explain everything with simple and explanatory style. Include your own experiences. Make it interesting in terms of addressing the reader- not giving a lecture that is often boring. Stick to the topic and avoid irrelevant information. The post which offers a clear and complete understanding of what a reader comes to learn is loved by both reader and search engine.  The ordinary content that does not offer detailed information focusing on every aspect of the topic is mere a wastage of time.
  • In terms of SEO, a long, detailed and presentable post will be ranked higher in search results rather an ordinary post that give vague information. Avoid playing with the words and keep everything to the point.  Mr. Asif, A friend of mine started blogging in 2007 and is still lagging behind- his posts do not appear on the first page of the search results. He got crazy when he saw his new posts coming on the top page in search results after following my tips and employing some Simple SEO Tools.
  • Use statistics if possible because statistics not only give credibility to what you write but also attract the attention of the reader. For example, you are writing about How to monetize your blog with Google Adsense Alternatives”, you can give statistics like “I earned $ 1300 a month from my first ad and 3100 in next month from two ads by —-ad network”. Similarly, you can write, “one of my friends has 500 daily visitors on his blog and he receives $ 250 for two ads a month”. To conclude, giving statistics and examples not only gives the reader a sense of reality but keep them reading to the end in order to learn more about the topic.
  • Use steps and sequence. Writing in a single paragraph is not always good. Let your reader have an option to go to a specific point. If your post is only a single long paragraph, one may leave your blog at once thinking boring and dry. Make your post informative for all type of people- some do have skimming habit. For example, you are writing a post about How to double your blog visitors in a week and you write all in one paragraph.  A visitor who comes to your post by searching “some tips to increase blog visitors” will not be satisfied if your post is not divided into parts. If he sees the headings like “Share on Social Media”, “Write Guest Posts”, he will have an idea of what you have struggled to explain and he will read the details. It is a wise advice to include at least one picture in your post. The posts with pictures are also easy to be optimized in search engines.
  • Use easy and simple words that are understandable by second language user. I have often read bloggers using difficult terms, slangs and jargons in their posts. Never use them unless they are necessary. Some visitors are not qualified and they are in learning stage they may not be able to make sense of what you have written in difficult words. They will leave for any other simple post.
  • Keep your posts not fewer than 1500 words and you can write even more if they tend to explain the things in more details that are interesting and that your readers will love to know. The posts written keeping the readers’ interest in mind can go long as your readers will love to know it in details. It is a fact that quality posts with minimum 1500 words are recognized effective content by search engines. Never mind how much time it takes to write a good long post, stick to one goal- the clarity on the topic.

     5. Optimize your post

SEO optimization is essentially a part of writing a post. Here I mean keywords-based SEO.  Use SEO friendly keywords in your post text. For example I have written this post on How to write a quality blog post that goes viral and you must have noticed I used the word “blog post” many times and the relevant keywords like “SEO Optimization”, “Visitors”, Guest post”, “writing”, etc many times. This is how you can insert relevant keywords in your post. But do not overuse or misuse the keywords- that mean do not use words too many times; do not play with the system of the search engine; just write your posts without considering the keywords and you will see that you would have already written many keywords.

Stuffing your post with keywords is not a healthy practice as the search engines will take it a spamming and your ranking will go down. Only insert the keywords that are truly relevant to your subject matter to avoid any misconception by the search engines. Anchor texts- the text of the headings of other pages/posts you link to your post- are also important in optimizing your post. This means that you can insert the links to other important posts on your blog with different link texts; you don’t need to insert the same text as a link as they are under the heading of other post/page.

Let me explain this with an example. I have a post title How to increase your Email Subscribers with a Single Tip and I want to insert the link to that post into this post, so instead of writing “How to increase your Email Subscribers with a Single Tip” I would write “In this way you can increase your email subscribers and would link the bold text to my original post.

This tells the search engines that you have relevant material on another place on your blog. In terms of SEO, this link text “increase your email subscribers” are called anchor texts. You should rotate the anchor text; don not use exactly the same as are in the heading of the post you are linking to.

SEO optimized post can bring more traffic to your blog. You can learn Basics of SEO to optimize your posts and even complete blog yourself without advanced knowledge of SEO. But avoid SEO mistakes that most people are doing today.

    6. Proofread your post and publish

The last step is the proofread your post for any grammatical and logical mistake. Read thoroughly and try to understand the content as a reader. If you find it interesting so will your readers. See the sequence of ideas and steps. Satisfy yourself by making slight improvements.

Before being ready to publish your post, better give it one of your competent friends to read it and suggest amendments. It will give you an idea of how your readers will interpret your content.

And you are ready to go… Hit Publish

    7. Share your post

This step is not necessarily the part of writing but I have included it an additional help to you. Sharing is part of publishing campaign. Sharing your post on various networks increases your backlinks and votes for your content to come higher in search results

I would not tell you how sharing your post can bring you more traffic as I have written much about increasing the visitors of your blog in my post: