Simple Tools to Grow Your Email Subscriber’s Mailing List

grow email subs

Email subscription is nowadays a fashion tool for bloggers to collect email addresses of their readers to provide them with the latest news, offers, updates and fresh content on their (bloggers’) blogs. It is a healthy practice with an aim of getting more visitors to the blog. There are many tools and the simplest one is to allow your visitors subscribe via a free feed burner. This option does not give you the strength of full control of how and what will be sent to your email subscribers. The feed burners email every new post to the subscribers without any changes been made to the title or headings or pictures of the post. Blogger wants to compose an email that is more attractive and professionally designed so that their reputation is not affected that is why the trend of free feed burners has become old fashion.

Many of the bloggers work as affiliate marketers. They need Email addresses for marketing emails. They use this mailing list for other various promotional and marketing purposes.

There are many other tools of growing your email subscribers’ list. They including “Subscribe” button to Facebook page tab, including “subscribe” option on Youtube channel, putting subscribe link as “spotlight” on your ‘About Me” profile etc. I find the following method more effective for collecting relevant email addresses.

I used the following methods to have maximum subscriptions to my blog;

   1. A popup offer window

Today the most popular way of attracting the visitors to subscribe is offering them free access to a restricted post or to an E-book. Some bloggers still collect subscriptions only by requesting the visitors or by giving them the option to subscribe.

For every type of subscription campaign, a banner or a pop-up window is used to offer the visitor to subscribe. I once used a request bar at the top of my blog to ask the visitor to subscribe. I know today that posting good content and keeping everything on the blog up-to-date is the key to having more subscriptions.  I collected a small number of subscribers through this method. Then I used a popup with no offer and just options to subscribe. It did great and my subscription rate fairly increased.

As you have seen, I use an offer for new subscribers. I have written an E-book that is a handy tool for the bloggers. I offer this E-book to every visitor who opts to subscribe. And finally I have good subscription rate and my list is gaining more and more emails addresses.

Let me tell you how you can set this offer to increase your subscribers in a very short time.

First of all, you have to write a good E-book on a nice topic- usually, you will write on one of the most wanted topics in your niche. You will write on the topic which is not easy to learn free. Your E-book must give guaranteed solution to a problem or it should explain a phenomenon in a professional way.

You can learn more about how to write a good e-book by reading:

You should read: The standard way to write a nice E-book

Alternatively, you can write a good post or a page on a most wanted topic and restrict the visitors to visit that post/page. Once a visitor subscribes the content is unlocked for him/her. I don’t know much about locking a page or post yet. Please Google for this information.

When you have done with writing an E-book or page, you can proceed to the next step; that is how you will create a mailing list with a free Email subscription and Email Design service. I have chosen MailChimp for their free and excellent service. Go and Sign up at MailChimp for free. Once you finish sign up process you will be taken to a screen as shown below.

Click on “Lists” and you will see all your mailing lists if you already have. Now create a new list by clicking on “Create List”. Write the name of your list whatever you want- something like “your blog name subscriber list”. Then select that list to view subscribers to this list. As your list is newly created, you will see no subscribers as shown in the picture.

Now see the following picture and proceed accordingly. Click on “Signup Forms” and select ‘general type’ of sign up forms as shown below.

Sign up forms are those forms which new subscriber will fill out for submission. For Email Listing, you usually need to know only the Email Address or the name of the subscriber. You can design your form accordingly. This window shows you with a popup menu to customize various services one by one.

Sign Up Form- It is the fields of information that your new subscriber will fill to subscribe to your mailing list. Embed this link on a page on your blog. The HTML provides you with the fields that you choose for Sign up. You can write whatever you like on your page and paste the code below it. You can also link the URL of this page anywhere on the internet to tell your audience “Subscribe to Our Mailing List” or any similar message.

Thank You Page- This is the page that will appear when your new subscriber fills out Sign Up form and submit the information. Write whatever message you want to give your new subscriber once they submit Sign Up form. Usually, you can write “Thanks for your subscription. Along with a free e-book right now, you will occasionally get updates from “Name of Your Blog”. There a readymade message by default. You can change it or keep it as it is.

MailChimp will send a confirmation email to every new subscriber if you check the box: explained in next steps.

Confirmation Thank You Page- This is the page that appears when the subscriber clicks on a link sent in confirmation email. You can modify this message as “You subscription has been confirmed. Thanks for being part of our mailing list” etc. By now, your subscriber has been added to your list. But you have to give him/her a free E-book as you have promised.

Final Welcome Email- This is the Email that is sent to the subscriber when he has successfully subscribed to your mailing list. This Email contains whatever you want to share about yourself or your blog, a link to download their E-book, or link of your popular posts, links to your social media profiles etc.

Do check the box against “Send a final welcome email” to enable your final welcome email. As explained earlier, this email is very important and contains a link to download e-book OR links to your restricted post/content or whichever gift you offer your new subscribers.

Now you have successfully set up your email subscription for your blog.

Now if you want to have a popup asking your visitors to subscribe to your Mailing list, proceed with a reading below.

I personally use Hellobar for this service. They are free, light and professionals. Go and sign up on HelloBar for free.

Once the sign-up process is complete, you will see a window as shown in the screenshot below.

Create a new widget bay clicking on “Create New” button. A window will appear which offers various goals for your new widget. Select “Promote a Sale/Discount” and proceed.

Now you will be taken to this page where you can customize your new popup window (the widget). See the picture bellow.

What should your hello bar say? – This is the message your popup window will show to the visitors. For Example “Subscribe to our blog and get this E-Book free. You will also get latest updates from our blog.” etc.

What should the button say? –  This is the button that is actually a clickable link that will lead the clicker to Sign Up page you have previously created. Or to the page where the user can fill up information required for sign up. You can enter the words like “Subscribe”, “Yes Show me the Post”, “Get the Book” etc.

What URL should users go to when they click your button? – Enter the URL of the page containing sign up form and press “Continue” to proceed with the process.

Now select the type of popup or bar for your blog. If you want to create a popup to be shown a fixed time after your visitor lands on your blog (usually good choice for email subscription with a gift or offer for new subscribers) select “Page takeover” category as shown below.

Then continue to enter your preferences till you reach the following option:

This screen also gives a preview of what your window will look like on your blog. Fill the other options on the screen.

Upload an image of your free E-book or the featured image of your post and click “Next”.

Choose the time interval after which the popup should show up when visitor land at your blog. Finish creating the popup.

The popup also has a close (x) button for the visitors who are not interested in a subscription. It is a beautiful popup and is never irritating. It is user-friendly, clean, and simple. I appreciate the efforts of the HelloBar team for designing such a nice widget. Even an inexperienced blogger can install it in few easy steps.

    2. Sharing subscription link

This method is simple and quick. Create a sign-up link on the Facebook page of your blog. The page visitors will have a link to subscribe directly from your Facebook page.

You can create a Sign-Up link by creating a “Call to Action” button on Facebook Page. Go to your Facebook page and create a “Call to Action Button”

Then choose “Sign Up” option from a drop-down menu as shown in the picture.

Enter the URL of your submission form- you can add the URL of the web page of your blog on which you have embedded submission form. Create the button and that’s all. Now the people who want to subscribe will click on “Sign Up” button and they will be taken to submission page on your blog.

You can also link to an app for providing submission form to the readers.

Similarly, you can embed submission form or place a link to this form on every social media profile etc.

It will increase subscription rate and your list will grow bigger day by day…