Ready to Apply for Google AdSense? Read this Checklist First


Google Adsense as a monetizing method is an attractive thing for the bloggers. Google Adsense provides the publishers with highest Pay Per Click (PPC) and CTR rates. They provide a variety of payment options. There are many other reasons that make the publishers prefer Google Adsense as their first monetizing tool. But as the number of applications grew with the number of bloggers on the internet, Adsense team introduced strict policies and terms of usage. The rate of application acceptance is now too much lower than it was a decade ago. Not every application is even fully reviewed by the Adsense team. They have already a bulk of applications and they are constantly receiving more and more applications. That is why your application may be neglected if you don’t meet some criteria before applying for Adsense.

What are things considered more important while applying for Adsense? What is the most frequent rejection factor with Adsense applications? Is there a checklist for bloggers to complete before applying for Adsense? The answers to all these questions are addressed in this post.

Here is a checklist you have to follow before applying for Adsense.

1. You are applying with your own top level domain

It simply means that you own the domain for which you are applying Adsense. Your domain should be a unique root level domain and not a subdomain of another domain. For example, you can apply with and not with “”. This is because the first thing the Adsense application reviews team will look into. Although you can apply with a free blog like and get approved, yet the chances of approval are much higher with a custom domain that you won yourself. By top level domain, I mean that your domain should “.com” in order to considered eligible for further review. The rate of acceptance is higher with “.com” websites than that with “.org”, “.net” or similar extensions.

2. You have quality content on your blog

The second thing the Adsense team will look into is the content of your blog. If your content does not follow the content guidelines of AdSense, your application will be rejected. You have to follow the following content guidelines to get approved on this stage.

Read their content guidelines in the following screenshot

i.                     Your posts have minimum number of words

As far I know, your posts must contain minimum 600 words. The posts with the number of words fewer than 600 are considered as just headings. Adsense team will overlook the blog which has posts with fewer than 600 words. The maximum number of words is not defined in Google Adsense content guidelines. Anyhow it has been observed that the more the words your posts contain the more the chance of acceptance.

ii.                   Your blog should have unique content

It means your posts must not contain the content copied from another website. Adsense team carefully filters your content for copyright issues. Write your own ideas, thoughts, and experience. Do not copy a single word from other websites. Explain the issue you are describing in your post in details. Use simple language. Your posts must follow quality standards in order to be considered by search engines.

Most of the bloggers don’t know how inserting images that have been downloaded from the internet can spoil their entire posts. Never use images taken from other websites into your own website. You probably don’t know that these images are one of the major rejection factors for your Adsense application. You can create your own images in Adobe Photoshop with texts and clip arts and also with other pictures to take with your camera. You can use screenshots instead.

iii.                  Your post must not contain the content that is prohibited in Google Adsense content guidelines.

Adsense team does not approve the websites that consist of pornographic, adult content, exhibition of weapons, content that preach religious biased, drugs related content, the content that promotes unethical or illegal acts etc.

iv.                 Your texts should be readable and mistakes free

Your website cannot get approved for Adsense if your posts contain grammar mistakes or spelling mistakes. Write 100% error-free posts in order to get approved for Adsense. Your website must be in English US or English British. The websites in other languages have fewer chances of approval as compared to the websites that are in English.

v.                   Your blog should contain not less than 20 quality posts

A number of posts is not defined in Adsense content guidelines. I know some bloggers who have an Adsense account with less than 20 posts. I know many who have more than 100 posts yet they are trying to get their application approved. So a number of post does not count. But Adsense team says that your blog should have sufficient content. Actually, they want a website that has content on every of its page. Not any page should be left blank or not any category should have less than three posts. By quality posts I mean that your posts should be unique, having a minimum of 600 words.

 3. Your blog has a nice design and good navigation scheme

This is a very important thing. The majority of the publisher find their applications rejected due to bad page design and poor navigation scheme of their websites. Google wants websites that have a nice looking, attractive, user-friendly and simple design. A simple and easy navigation is a “must have” for getting Adsense approval. Easy navigation not only provides your visitors the way to easily navigate to every section of your website but it is also important in terms of SEO. The website with good navigation plan is self-optimized in search engines.

I know many successful bloggers who don’t have an Adsense and they are monetizing through other methods. Actually, they have poor navigation and odd web designs. You can choose from a variety of free professional looking SEO ready designs for free from, MyBloggerThemes, GooyaabiTemplates, BTemplates, and SoraTemplates etc.

4. Your domain is 6 months old with sufficient number of visitors (for Asian states)

As Google Adsense policy says, your websites should be more than 6 months old for the countries like China and India. Well, I don’t see a website that is less than six months old and has been rejected if it follows all other conditions. One of my friends got Adsense approved for a domain only a month old. Moreover, this time period is 3 months in US and UK. What do you say? This condition is only for some logical reasons.

As for the number of visitors, they should be more than 2000 a month. It is only my own ideas. I have read many articles and communicated with many experts and have come with this idea. Although a minimum number of visitors is not defined in Adsense policies, yet having more than 70 visitors a day increases your revenue.  You can still increase your blog visitors with some simple tips.

5. Your blog is regularly updated

This is also an important factor in my eyes. Most of the applications are rejected because the blog for which you are applying is not recently updated. Write consistently and regularly. I would recommend at least one post a week. Regularly update your blog on the even weekly basis at least two months before you apply for Adsense. The chances of rejection increase if your blog has not been recently updated. Update means write new posts, build new links, update old posts, and create new pages and so on. If Adsense team finds that you have not touched your blog for a month, they will probably think that you are a lazy person and or you have little interest in your blog. They will definitely reject your application.

6. Your blog has the following pages/sections

i.                     About Us Page

It is better to have an “About Us” page on your blog before you apply for Adsense. Adsense team looks into the credibility of your blog before approving your application for Google Adsense. An “About Us” page contains the information about you, your mission and vision, your services, your achievements, and scope etc. The About Us page for websites is just like an About Us page for business firms or corporations. You have to tell your readers who you are, what you offer, why your run that blog etc. It is better to include the link to other websites you own or the link to your social media profile etc. See our “About” page as an example for you.

ii.                   Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is “must have” for the bloggers who are ready to apply for Google Adsense. The privacy policy is required in order to let your visitors know how you will track them and how their information will be used. As Google Adsense uses your cookies and visitors location and his/her behavior on your website, it is your responsibility to tell your visitors all about this. You can write your own privacy policy or you can use a “Privacy policy generator”. Again the policy you write yourself is better than your generate with “privacy policy generator’.

You can have a look at the “Privacy Policy” of this blog in order to get an idea of how you can write your own.

iii.                  Contact Us page

Contact us page is required to let Adsense team know that you care for your readers. It is a sign that your readers can communicate with you directly through email or contact form. Include the links to your social media profiles on this page. Let your readers know that they have an opportunity to correspond with you. Give your official email address you will use for correspondence with your readers. You can have a look at “Contact” Page of this blog in order to get an idea.

Now that’s all.

The checklist described above is based on the Emails Adsense team send to those whose applications are disapproved. These emails consist of one or more reasons listed above. Anyhow the clarity on why your application has been originally rejected is not enough for the blogger to understand what is to be done next for approval. Sometimes, the blogger is frustrated by frequent disapprovals and they quit submitting an application for Adsense.

For them, I would say, never be worried, there are many other monetizing options for your blog. Adsense is not the only way. You have plenty of ad networks that are similar to Google Adsense.