Double the Visitors of Your Blog in a Week

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Taking steps to increase the number of the visitor of your blog is good practice in many cases. The reputation of a blog is judged by the number of qualified visitors a day and the number of visitors involved in comments and talk about the blog posts. The number of page views is dependent on the number of visitors, the number of posts, navigation scheme of the blog and the interlinks of the blog posts.

A fair increase in visitors in a short time is essentially the desire of every blogger. Well, it involves skills and knowledge of what to do and when to do. I myself was having a small number of visitors in the first month I started this blog. I tried the SEO techniques I knew at that time. It showed a little difference which was not enough to satisfy me. I then came up with a lot of research and planned new ways to increase my traffic and I enjoyed success in a week only.

Today I will suggest you the same as I did; the tools I used to increase my blog visitors in a short time.  Believe me, in the beginning, I had only 7,000 visitors a month and I got 22,000 in the next month after applying these strategies. I hope it will work for you too.

Not taking more time, l come to the point and let you know the following tools to increase your blog traffic

   1. Share your content on social media on daily basis

People do pay attention to attractive and informative content that gives something in return. They don’t care about the contents that are mere words. Sharing your nice posts does not mean you are annoying your social media followers. Share on daily basis and ask your followers to reshare. Share to all of your social media profiles and encourage people to comment on your posts.  Do not mind sharing the same post many times. It will always be new to someone who would not have seen it when you had shared it previously.

This tool is best for those who have more followers on social media and for those who write quality posts that explain and address a problem. You may like to read how you can write a great post to get a lot of visitors for your new blog.

For more, you should have attractive social media sharing buttons to boost up sharing rate on your blog. The more the links go to social media, the more your posts have the visitors. By visitors I don’t mean the only visitors who come from social media sharing; it means you get more links to your post, you have more do follow links and hence more SEO for your blog and ultimately more visitors from search engines.

Social media profiles and the discussion in social groups you have joined should also be a target. I have joined 7 groups on Facebook and I share my every post in those groups. While choosing a group to join on social media, it is better to choose the group that is relevant to your blog niche topic. Share your every new post at every place- in all groups, on all the pages you manage, on social media pages you manage, on a page with the highest number of likes, in the comment sections, on a friend’s timeline who has a huge number of friends etc.

If you have Google+ profile or page, you can do more with sharing in terms of SEO. Search on Google+ for the people relevant to your niche and add them to your circles, probable many of them will add you back. Share your contents on Google+ and +1 this share. The people who are searching on Google for the keywords of your posts and who have added you to their Google+ circles will see your post in search results on the first page regardless of your original ranking. The condition is that they are signed into their Google account. An example using Google+ for the promotion of your blog has been given at the end of this post.

   2. Submit blog RSS feed to popular feed readers

Yes, it really means. I did it myself and got the desired results in a week. I submitted my feed to All Top, Feedspot, Feedly, Digg Reader, CommaFeed and I got 100 daily visitors from these feed readers only. Go and submit your blog RSS Feed to all of these readers or you can search a better on the web. Many of the feed readers have now Android apps that mean your feed will be read by more people. Feed readers have readers who select a topic and choose to read related stories from any website. This is how your website will have more visitors. For example your blog is about “Teaching kids at primary level” you will submit your feed to the category “Educationàprimary education” and a reader who wants to read about this type of topics, selects the reading category “EducationàPrimary education” and signs up for the feed, will receive your every post by email. This is not true for all feed readers. But people who sign up on RSS reader website do choose the category they want to read about and this is how your posts are referred to the qualified readers who then become your returning visitors if your blog satisfies their thirst for knowledge.

   3. Grow your Email Subscribers

This can be done in a week if you have a good reason for your visitors to subscribe to your Mailing List. You may have an attractive offer or a gift for new subscribers. I would again say if your posts are serving to the purpose and if they are really helpful for your readers, you need not worry about subscriptions; they will always increase. An attractive offer or a gift for new subscribers is a plus point and every new visitor will surely subscribe. You can offer a free E-book you have previously written or a blog post you have blocked for non-subscribed visitors. I have offered an E-book on this blog. If you want to know how to do it free of cost and in two steps please read:

You should read: How to increase your Email subscribers in a single step

When you have a nice mailing list of more than 2000 subscribers, you can send your newly published posts by Email. They will definitely come back to read your post if you have made it great for them.

One way to collect emails is to embed your subscription page or widget on your social media profiles or brand pages. Just as Google Forms can be embedded so are the subscription forms you create on MailChimp- to learn more about how to create and embed SignUp form anywhere, You may like to read “Simple Tools to Increase Email Subscribers”

   4. Write two guest posts

Believe me, I once used to think of guest posts a wastage of time and ideas. I had an opinion that guest posts are just as to sell your ideas to other than employing them for your own benefit. That was when I read a great post on a blog I don’t remember now. I was convinced to write a guest post to get traffic and credibility of users. It was when my blog was getting 7000 visitors a month. I searched for five blogs which had huge traffic related to my niche topic. I contacted all of them and offered a guest post. Three of them were ready to publish my posts on their blogs. I wrote two posts and submitted to them. They were published after slight modification. I even learned many new things about writing a guest post.

I was made follow their rules and regulations and some tips to write quality posts. Finally, I was able to write two effective posts. I remember the comments of the readers. I was amazed to see so many comments and the engagement and interest of the readers. And I came to know that they have the same number of comments and the same level of user engagement as was for their every post. I noticed a great increase in visitors to my own blog.  I remember that almost 2500 people visited my website on a single day. That was enough for the blog like mine.

There are two common misconceptions about guest posts today and here they are explained as:

    i. Guest post is just as giving your thoughts and words to others.

Well, I won’t think so. Guest posts are not as just giving your words free of cost to others. I would say it’s selling your words for a reasonable price. The guest post gives you a link back to your blog from your bio on the guest post you write for other blogs. If the host blog doesn’t allow a bio box then they will give you link within the text of the post. That link is not only “do follow” but it also means that an authority blog links to your content. Search engines know which is an authority author and if he/she links to your blog, that simply means to search engines that you are an authority writer and your blog contains credible and informative content. This is how search engines would prefer to present your content higher in the search results.

So writing a guest post for a blog with a higher ranking can build your reputation in search engines and your blog gets more optimization. Well, that’s why I call writing a guest post selling your words- it pays back to you the thing you won’t have earned by publishing your post on your own blog. If you are able to have your guest post published on a high-rank blog, you will get more than what you can expect from it.

    ii. Anyone can write and any blog can accept guest posts

This is not the fact. Not any blogger can write a guest post and not any blogger can accept it. There are certain things a guest has to follow while she/he writes a guest post and similarly there are many things that a host blogger sees before accepting a guest post for publication. The post must meet criteria that most of the host blogs with a good reputation in search engines have set for guest posts.

Every blogger holds a position in the eyes of search engines. A blogger with good repute will not take the risk of posting mediocre content on his/her blog. Professional bloggers are very sensitive towards both quality and quantity of the content written by a guest blogger. They do have certain quality assurance tools they use to check whether a guest post meets the needs of their blog and their visitors. They won’t allow a guest post that does not meet certain quality standards. That is why many of the guest posts are rejected by the host blogs.

Another thing that is very interesting about the guest post is that it builds your own confidence in the quality of your posts. Fox example you submit a post to “Blog Helper” that is a well-known blog in search engines. Let the title of your blog be “5 WordPress plugins every blogger must have”. You are asked to improve it according to the given instructions by the host blog owner. You improve it and submit again. If it is published, it simply means that you can write great quality posts as popular bloggers do. Further saying, your blog can rank higher. Great! Go and try yourself to know how far you can go.

For intense details what criteria your guest post must meet in order to be accepted by many of the host blogs, please see my following post.

You should read: Standards for writing a quality guest post for high traffic host blogs

    5. Engage in commenting and sharing

Participate in comments on other blogs relevant to your niche. Leave thoughtful comments on the blogs posts you think have great content and a huge number of visitors. Some comment systems allow you to leave a link to your own posts. Tell the others that you have written a great post on the relevant topic and give a link to your posts.

I used to be shy enough to comment on the posts of others even though they touched my heart. I gave up and became an active commenter of WordPress community. I gained more than 400 visitors a day just from my comments.

In the end, I would say to pay more attention in what your write, what type of people you are going to address, what is your style of writing etc. Do not write about the topic you have little knowledge about and or on the topic that is not important for your readers.

Use Google+ as a Tool

Google+ is one of my favorite social media networks. I use it for having more visitors to my blog. If you don’t have a Google+ profile, go and create one for yourself.  Google+ is my beloved because of its customized Google search. When the people who have added me in Google+ Circles search on Google with my niche keywords, while they are signed in their Google account, see my content on the top page. It would not have happened if they are not signed in.

Here is an example how Google+ can be an effective tool for optimization for customized search.

Look at the above screenshot. I am signed into my Google account and I searched for the term “A meal replacement”. I got the results as shown in the picture. You can see the resulting number 2. Dewi Gita is in my Google+ circles and the Google brought her on the top page in search results. Although this is a shared link- not the original URL of the source content- yet this happens. She (Gita) shared only a link and did not write anything else- Google+ allows you to write something about the link you share before posting it. She wrote nothing and “Google+” is written in the search result by default. Had she written “A nice meal replacement for kids” this would have come in search results as title texts?

Now look at the below screenshot.

I am not signed in and the picture shows the results for the same keywords- a meal replacement. This time the link of the content that Gita Shared was not even on the first page of the results.

Now let me explain what you can do to get more visitors to your blog through Google+. Create your profile on Google+ if you don’t already have one. Search for the people on Google+ with your niche keywords.  Add them to your circles and hope that many of them will add you back. Grow your followers as much as you can.

Now whenever you write a post, share it on Google+ publically. Write a relevant title or phrase in the text field in share box (avoid writing rich anchor text- keep it maximum 50% rich) and share it. Besides getting a click from Google+, your shared link will also appear higher in search results for the people who are following you.

Ask some of your friends to share your posts on Google+. Do not feel shy about requesting your colleagues to share your posts on social media. This is how you can have more social media links and rank higher in search engines. You must know that search engines do get signals from social networks.

I hope it is helpful to you and if it so, please share it on at least on your favorite social media networks… Thanks