Why a Custom Domain Name for Your Free Blogger Blog is Essentially Required

Why must you set up a custom domain name for your free Blogspot blog? Well, I don’t think you still don’t know any reason. There are many. But let me explain the major ones.

Setting up a custom domain name for your free Blogspot blog is important in many ways. Although free blogger blog is a preferable place for new bloggers, it is still quite important for the experienced bloggers to set up a custom domain name for their free blogger blog. The people who are still sticking to the free Blogspot blogging are probably doing it for the following features that Blogspot offers:

  • Free hosting space up to 30 GB for one author (it can be doubled if the blog has two authors)
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Security and help
  • Variety of free and paid themes
  • SEO friendly platform
  • Easy CMS

The only thing that is odd in this free service is .blogspot.com. This is the thing which labels your blog a free common and non-serious place. Now if this Blogspot name is replaced by your custom domain name, your blog has entirely a new identity and repute. The benefits you enjoy with your custom domain name are not offered with .blogspot.com label.

You should buy a custom domain name for your free blogspot blog for the following reasons:

1. Custom domain shows your seriousness for blogging

The visitors to your free blogger blog know that they are on a free blog. They will think that you are not serious for blogging. So they will not take your posts serious. They will think that you are the sort of person who is not willing to spend 10 Dollars for your blog. You will be working hard to build your reputation but it is not complete without a custom domain name.

2. Custom domain name reduces your SEO efforts

Blogger blogs are automatically optimized in search engines. Think you have spent years of improving your ranking; you have devoted much time to SEO efforts; you have written quality posts; you have social links and identities. But as soon as you plan to setup a custom domain name or plan to shift to WordPress, your SEO is disturbed; your external links are destroyed. So, starting a blog with custom domain is much better than setting it up later.

3. Custom domain builds your authority and credibility

With a free blogger blog, you cannot become a trustable person in the eyes of social media users. Being a free blogging plateform, blogspot is often vulnerable to spammers, exploiters, and misusers. A custom domain removes this impression form your blog. When you share your custom domain posts, they are more likely to be considered by more people. Although BlogSpot is not a bad thing, it is not even too good for a professional and experienced blogger.

4. Custom Domain name enables you to promote your website

Promoting your website is one of the latest strategies for money making, rank building, SEO and reputation building. Bloggers want to promote their blogs for getting more and more exposure of them. They submit RSS Feeds to popular feed readers; they want to write sponsored blog posts, paid reviews, to do affiliate marketing, sell their products online etc. No other website that offers such services for bloggers will allow a free blogspot blog to benefit from these services. Finally, a free blogger blog is limited to very less earning, marketing, and promotional jobs options. I have not seen a free blogger who is earning good amount with his/her blog. With custom Domain, you can use your own custom Email address e.g me(at)mydomain.com

5. Custom domain is a Brand in it

Buying a custom domain for your blogger blog is buying your own brand and identity. It is the name you should be proud of. Your custom domain name allows you to make your blog a brand. You can design a nice log for your blog. You have opportunity to market yourself with your own personal brand. Once you are well established, you can earn good amount from your blog.

6. Buying a custom domain is cheap

Custom domains are not expensive now-a-days. You can buy the cheapest domain from NameCheap.com They have cheapest rates and amazing support. They provide live chat for prompt support to their customers. They offer .com in only $ 10.67 but you can use coupon code to get the domain in only $ 9.13 for one year. They are fully compatible with blogger setup instructions. Some other domain registrars do not offer CNames field which is essentially required for setting up custom domain name for blogger blog.

7. Setting up custom domain is easy

Setting up a custom domain for your blog is a matter of seconds if you have already purchased a domain. If you purchase the domain from NameCheap, it is set up in seconds and you start blogging in one minute with your custom domain.

Setting up custom domain name for your blogger blog

Here is the procedure for setting up a custom domain name with the NameCheap domain.

Register your domain with NameCheap. Once it is registered, go to Dashboard of NameCheap. You will see the list of your registered domains.

Go to the dashboard of your blogger blog. -> go to Settings -> Basic -> and click Setup Third Party URL for your blog, and Type URL of the domain you registered with NameCheap and click save. It may show an error, now you will see the instruction that you need to follow. This is basically changing the CNAME/NameServer of your domain at NameCheap or anywhere where you bought it