Is There Any Alternative to Google AdSense? Know the top 17 Alternatives

adsense alternatives

Ad networks are companies that are advertisement firms indeed. They are marketing companies. They have advertiser clients, usually big brands, and business firms. Their clients want to promote their products, enhance their sales and grow their market. These Ad Networks have affiliates, like bloggers, websites owners, writers, discussion forums, niche-based communities etc who allow them to place ads on their (affiliates) websites or write product reviews or refer potential customers to market to their clients. Thus these ad networks receive payment from their clients and give some of this amount to the affiliates (who refer customers to the clients’ shopping market).

So, bloggers offer their websites to ad networks for placement of ads on their (ad networks) clients on their (bloggers) websites to earn revenue. This term is known as affiliate marketing or associate marketing. As far I have concluded, affiliate marketing, earning through ad networks, ad selling etc all are similar terms; they all refer to the monetizing of the blog.

Now we come to the list of Ad networks that have a good reputation and have a professional approach and big client lists. These ad networks have both plus and negative points and I have written the both in brief. An explanatory post on this topic would have been so long and tiresome job. So I kept it brief just to save your time but to give you all relevant information.

Popular Ad networks are:

1. Google AdSense:

I have placed it on top because it is the most popular and the most trustworthy Ad network; no delayed payments, no miscalculations, no rigid ads, no worries to change ad codes etc. As the Google is a popular brand and all of its services have enjoyed a lot of popularity among the mass, Google Adsense provides you the real professional environment to earn money in a simple, comfortable and reliable way. Once your site is approved, the rest is done by the Adsense team with constant and real help to you.

2. Yahoo-Bing Publisher Network (

Yahoo Publisher Network is a network of publishers where ad networks are allowed to offer ads. Some Ad networks like and Chitika have signed up agreements with Yahoo Publisher Networks for advertisements on the sites that are registered with Yahoo Publisher Networks. offer competitive CPM rates for text and banner ads. The registration is free and no strict policies and regulations. The only negative point is that they allow a certain type of niche topics like technology, fashion and beauty, and health related blogs. (update: Now they are supporting all niche topics)

3. Propeller Ads

PropeAdsr ads is one of the best ad networks expending day by day. CPM rates are higher, CTR is also higher as compared to other networks. They provide wide range of ad formats and sizes. You can select banners, direct links, pop ups, pop under, full screen etc. I have good experience of working with them on my free blogspot blog. They offer wire transfer and paypal as payment options.

4. Chitika

Chitika is a vast network of publishers. Chitika offer real competitive process of connecting right advertisers to the right publishers by providing them with the bidding process. The company pays PPC and CPM and provides banners, text and ads. The negative point is that ads do not look so professional and sometimes the links don’t works on some websites. That is why I have heard negative remarks about Chitika from some of my friends

5. Bidverts

Bidverts have professional looking ads of both test and banner format. You can watch analytics for every ad separately. Bidverts offer full customization of ads and preferences. The only negative point is that the rates are comparatively low. You may earn pennies of your blog has less number of visitors. Another service similar to Chitika is Adbrite. You need not worry about the approval; there is no minimum traffic limit or strict guidelines or policies. You just need a good blog with simple and quality posts.

6. Blog Ads

This network is for those who want to employ their own pricing for their ad spaces. The advertisers will see your price and may accept or reject it. You may tell how much traffic you can divert to clients website OR how much sales you can make to generate the required revenue. However if you use this approach, you may hardly find an advertiser who would have accepted your price. I would recommend this network for those who have strong marketing skills and experience.

7. Bing Network

CPM rates are higher than any other CPM paying networks. It offers both text and banner ads fully customizable. This networks offer professional ads and clear to the point of your niche topic. You have to have high number of daily qualified visitors to get approved for this network. You can monitor the performance of every single ad and setup and change ads at any time.

8. Ad Thrive

This networks requires more than 100,000 page views per months and approximately 500 unique visitors on daily basis. You can use DFP setup to watch and adjust your ads. This network is not for those who have just started their blogging journey. (usually not more than three months old).

9. Exponential

Exponential is a fast growing networks with competitive CPM rates. I would say that they pay the most of all the ad networks including Adsense and Bing Networks. Their content guidelines and policies are hard to follow. This network is good for skilled bloggers and for those who have huge daily traffic; usually more than 500,000 page views a month.

10. GumGum

This network is best for blogger who use pictures in their posts as it provides in-image ads. You can simply select a picture and select a category that best describe it and your picture will be made an ad in itself. Similarly you can turn more pictures into revenue. Blogs with no pictures or low quality pictures are not accepted. The rates are higher than banner ads.

11. Mode Media

This is a narrow ad network only focusing on the topics like life style, cooking, design, fashion beauty and other topics related to social and personal life of men and women.

12. The Blogger Network

This network provides a variety of ad formats like banners, texts, images, post feeds, videos, and sponsored links etc. Due to the popularity and huge volume of applications, they have set strict eligibility criteria but not so hard as compared to Adsense, Bing Networks, etc. The blog should have at least 10,000 page views a month and at least 15 daily unique visitors.

13. Viglink

A nice alternative of Infolinks is Viglinks. Viglinks offer the bloggers the same environment as does the Infolinks. They automatically detect affiliate key words from your content and link those words to their advertisers’ websites or ads.

Viglink is a good network for fashion niche. It offers professional ads ad varity of customization tools. It supports the banner and text formats.

14. is a social media sharing website with advertiser clients. You have to sign up and submit your blog and install social medial sharing buttons on your website which you want to monetize. The every time a user shares your post through social media sharing buttons, a popup appears after sharing and says thanks for sharing. This window contains some ads that encourage the user to click on them and you are paid per click.

This is how you can earn by getting beautiful and customizable social media sharing buttons along.

15. provide the bloggers with the facility to redirect their visitors to a specific URL as they click anywhere their website for the first click. In this way, bloggers can make affiliate marketing by directing their visitors to their clients. You can also block your featured content or a specific page by asking your visitors to complete an offer (to click an ad/ install an application/ play a game) etc in order to access that content. offers competitive rates and full control of analytics. But it does not work with Google AdSense and some other ad networks. They will not approve your application if they find redirections on your blog.RevenueHits offers all type of ads and places to place the ads. You can see

16. RevenueHits

RevenueHits offers all type of ads and places to place the ads. You can see the performance of every ad separately. It also provides the location of visitors who clicked on ads. The revenue is calculated on daily basis.

17. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is another good tool to monetize your blog with highly customizable ads and with a good share that can give you more satisfaction than any could give. It also offers RSS feed ads which mean you have no worries about quality and attraction of the ads. The policies and rules of BySellAds are almost strict but softer than that of AdSense.

This list could go very long consisting hundreds of ad networks but I had to keep it limited to 15 networks. I hope one of your choices is already included in the list. I would suggest you research yourself which ad networks suit your needs and decide yourself before applying. The information provided in this post may stay valid only for a couple of days or so as ad networks keep on updating their guidelines and rates etc.

Note: Employing ads on your blog is not the only method of monetizing your blog. There are other options too. You can monetize your blog with affiliate marketing, by selling ad spaces on your blog, by writing sponsored posts and paid reviews etc. For details, you should read: Other methods of making money from blogging